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Get Closer to Local Life

Find authentic tips by friends and real locals!

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Say Goodbye to Tourist Traps...

... and hello to authentic travel experiences!

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and avoid tourist traps

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Explore City's off the beaten Path
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Ready to experience your travel destination like a local?

With 2B LOCAL, we’ve got the perfect app for you!

Experience your travel destination like a local and avoid tourist traps. Get closer to local life and find the best, most authentic insider tips from people you know and trust: your friends, connected friends-of-friends, and real locals! No fake reviews, no paid content!

Download the 2B LOCAL app for free and start your journey today!

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2B LOCAL Features

2B LOCAL Features


Daily Feed






Save favorite local tips, activities and events

See daily updates from friends & favorite locals

Share tips, events & cool experiences with your friends

In-App Messaging

Read high quality 3rd party travel content

Publish short travel clips

Insider tips from inspiring people in the world of art & culture

To get instant news & alerts from community

Share & receive tips on upcoming events

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The Social Travel & Lifestyle App

Connect & follow friends, locals and travellers all over the world – join a trustful social travel network

Discover the city’s best kept secrets – get insider tips from locals for your travel destination.

Create your personal profile, publish local tips, travel & lifestyle posts – share & inspire others

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Experience Local Life while Traveling

Discover new cities off the beaten path and capture and share your favorite experiences:

the best local food, coolest bars, secret beaches, amazing events & festivals, trendy hotels, cozy BnBs, places to see… things that cannot be found in ordinary tourist guides!

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Unlock the cities’ best kept secrets


Is the 2B LOCAL app for free?

The basic use of the app is absolutely free. Everybody can register, connect & follow friends, locals and travellers all over the world. Premium paid features may be added to 2B LOCAL in the future.

Where can I download the 2B LOCAL app?

You can download the 2B LOCAL app from the Apple App Store using this link:

How can I register for the 2B LOCAL app?

You can either register with your email address and a password or via Facebook and Apple Sign in. But don’t worry, it’s very easy and won’t take long.

Is there also an Android version oft he 2B LOCAL app?

No, unfortunately there is no Android version available at the moment. But we are working hard to provide an Android app in the near future, so stay tuned.

What content will I get in the 2B LOCAL app?

The 2B LOCAL app provides you with authentic local tips about your next travel destination or about your hometown itself. You get reviews on restaurants, hotels, nightlife, nature or activities and even upcoming events from your friends and friends of friends, verified by the 2B LOCAL travel community. You also get inspiring travel content from established travel magazines and access to our “Local Portraits” – interviews with inspiring people from the world of arts and culture who share their favorite places in their hometown.

Can I invite friends/ other user to the 2B LOCAL app?

Yes, just click on the “Invite to Connect” icon and enter the email address of the person you want to invite. You can also connect the 2B LOCAL app to your address book to invite your friends to use the app.

Can I save local tips / posts / events from other users?

Yes, to save a post, local tip or event, simply open its detailed view and click the “Bookmark” icon below the post. You can find all of your bookmarked posts behind the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your profile. Your saved posts can also be organized into personalized files.

Can I post an upcoming event on the 2B LOCAL app?

Yes, just like adding a new post, you can add an upcoming event in the future with more details like place, location, time, description and possibly a price. If the event is online, you can post a link to the specific online platform, e.g. zoom. You can also invite selected people to attend or publish the event within your 2B LOCAL network (Locals, Friends or Friends of Friends FOF).

What does „Local tip“ mean?

In the 2B LOCAL app, every user is a local somewhere, so every tip that you post in the app about your hometown will be a real “local tip”.

What does "Checks" mean?

A post can be “checked” by other users, which means that it has been verified as “real” and qualified content by the 2B LOCAL community. The more “Checks” a profile receives from other users in the 2B LOCAL community, the more trustworthy and authentic it is.

Can I share my 2B LOCAL tips with others or on social media?

Yes, you can share any post from you or other users within your 2B LOCAL network. You can also publish any post to your social media accounts or forward it to any user outside the 2B LOCAL app.

Are the posts I publish on my 2B LOCAL Account public?

When you post something on the 2B LOCAL app, your post will be visible to the public. However, you can limit the visibility and share the post only with your friends or friends of friends.

Why have you integrated affiliates & advertisements into the 2B LOCAL app?

Our intention is to keep the basic use of 2B LOCAL free for the user. We have integrated affiliates and advertising as a source of revenue. However, affiliates also complement the user journey by allowing the user to book hotels, flights and transportation directly from the app.

Can I also be interviewed for a Local Portrait on the 2B LOCAL app?

For our “Local Portraits” interviews, we are looking for interesting people from the world of arts and culture (e.g. musicians, artists, photographers, athletes, etc.) to reveal their favorite places in their hometown, such as the best local restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, activities and events! So please send us a short application at and we will check if you fit our criteria.

Your question is not in this list? Please e-mail us at We are happy to answer your questions.

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