Simeon, a Frankfurt-born hip-hop artist, has started rapping in his early years at school and for many years, not even his friends and people close to him knew of his skills.

Back then, rapping was a way for Simeon to cope with emotional chaos and today he produces rap-music with a deeper meaning, packed with emotional aspects. His texts are inspired by personal experiences and his perspective of his surrounding and the world – sometimes in a critical way.

Every now and then, Simeon performs on stage and, wow, we are glad to have seen him perform…so powerful. His teammates on stage are DJ Steez and Philip Kressin. Great show…thank you guys!

Simeon – Hip-Hop Artist
Local in Frankfurt, Germany


→ I’m a Frankfurt born and raised singer of Swiss-Bulgarian heritage. I make German rap music and after releasing a few singles and an EP, I am excited to release my debut album “Alles auf Null” this fall.

→ Music – of course – but I also love good food and drinks and the company of nice people.

→ I actually started by writing lyrics back when I was still in school. It took me a few years to transform my writing into music. I always dreamed of making music but I was very shy about it to begin with. I am also very critical about my work, so it took me quite a while to create music I was comfortable to put out.

Big but small

Nanna Geller Jewelry

Nanna Geller Portrait

Nanna Geller‘s fine jewelry line playfully combines a vintage feel with a modern look. She designs and handcrafts each of her unique, made to order pieces, in her Frankfurt Atelier.

We visited Nanna for a full day and she gave us a look behind the scenes to her beautiful designs, talked about Frankfurt and gave amazing local insider tips to her hometown.

Check out Nanna’s website and fall in love with her beautiful jewelry:


Nanna Geller – Jewelry Designer
Local in Frankfurt, Germany



→ I am a German sculptor, goldsmith and stone setter. I design a collection of fine jewelry in which I hand make each piece from start to finish, in my Frankfurt Atelier. My work is very much about shape. The colors often moody hues of each other. Blush-colored diamonds set into rose gold, light grey pearls set onto white gold, bleached silver with white topaz. Have a look…

→ I‘m passionate about anything and everything “beautiful”. Vintage, fabrics, blown glass, jewelry, furniture, leather goods, design objects of all kinds and art, of course. Anything unique and handmade. Craftsmanship of any kind fascinates me.

→ I knew as a child that this was it. I had to create. I sculpted, I sewed, I painted. My love for rocks and metal , small design objects took me to flea markets every weekend. By the time I was a teenager I was so inspired I couldn’t wait to grow up and study art and design. I‘ve just always wanted to be part of this life.

Short distances. Big city. Very international.

Cascais | Portugal


→ Because it is close to Lisbon, Cascais, that has great beaches and breathtaking cliffs along the shore, is the perfect weekend escape for the people of Lisbon. So we decide to do the same and take a few days to relax by the sea.

After visiting the old town of Cascais, we rent some single-speed beach bikes and ride to Guincho Beach – not so easy with heavy headwinds on the single-speed bike. It is extremely windy on the beach and the waves seem to be huge, but these are apparently best conditions for the local kitesurfers and windsurfers. As it would be impossible to surf, we take a hike through the dunes right behind the beach.

On the next day, we explore the region around Cascais: “Cabo da Roca” – the most western point of Europe – and the impressive “Palacio Nacionla da Pena” in Sintra, which is considered the Castle Neuschwanstein of Portugal.

Highly recommended is a visit to “Casa da Guia Cascais” at the exit of the town toward Guincho Beach. On the quiet premises of this antique villa, you will find a number of small shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants. We have a delicious lunch in a very comfortable atmosphere and great views of the ocean at the restaurant “Grelhas” (the fish soup is just awesome).

We need to move on and, unfortunately, won’t have enough time to see everything such as the famous surf paradise “Ericeira” and the walk to the magnificent beach “Praia da Ursa”. Cascais, we will be back!

→ Check out our next stop: Porto & Douro Valley

→ Check out our next stop: Porto & Douro Valley

Lisbon | Portugal


→ Finally we reach Lisbon – our favorite city in Europe! We’ve been here many times before, in this wonderful city right on the river Tejo. Every time we visit, we discover new and exciting things – the city has just so much to offer. What we don’t know on the day of arrival, it is Santo-António-Festival. At this annual event, the whole city celebrates the holy António, the patron of the city Lisbon. The streets are covered in colorful garlands, sardines (a national dish) are grilled and sold at nearly every corner and there is party music everywhere you go. Our hotel is in the middle of the traditional old-town Alfama, in the center of Lisbon. When we arrive at the hotel “Santiago de Alfama Boutique Hotel”, the whole city is a big party and there is not even the slightest chance to think of getting any sleep when everyone is celebrating in front of the hotel’s doorstep. Even being totally exhausted from a wedding that we’ve been to the night before, we decide to join the party and walk through the small streets of Alfama – we have the best time dancing, eating Sardines like the locals and just purely celebrating until the morning hours.

What a party, what a night!

The next day, not only we feel it, but the whole city seems to be hung-over. The streets are quiet and the people of Lisbon take it very easy on this lazy day, and so do we. We walk to the “Café a Brasileira”, a wonderful café from the turn of the 19th century in belle époque style and where intellectuals and artists of Lisbon used to meet. A double espresso and a couple of “Pasteis de Natas” (very delicious puff-pastry filled with vanilla and cinnamon pudding that should actually be forbidden for specific reason), we get enough energy to start the rest of the day. We continue walking to the district “Principe Real” that lies on a hilltop with many small boutiques, cafes and restaurants. We have lunch at “A Cevicheria” and enjoy different unique creations of ceviche at a stylish but relaxed atmosphere. For dessert we got some frozen yoghurt at “Frozz” right next door and walk across to the small park “Jardim do Principe Real” to enjoy our dessert on a bench underneath our favorite tree, a large really old cedar.

Gin Lovers Lisbon

Gin Lovers Lisbon

A few steps down the road, we then go to “Embaixada Concept Store”, an impressive antique villa (more like a small palace) with a number of small boutiques with unique and Portuguese products. We meet Fabio, a cool bartender of “Gin Lovers”, a bar and provider of well-selected global gins – this place is already well-known in Portugal, as we find out later in the city Porto. We have a nice conversation with Fabio and speak about Gin, his hometown Lisbon and his favorite hobby, cliff-diving (!). He then invites us to watch the next Portugal game of the European Championship the next evening together with his friends and family.

After a long last night and an extensive tour through Lisbon, we feel exhausted. Our feet are tired, so we take the famous tram number 28, which runs through the most prominent districts of Lisbon, back to our hotel. The white and yellow trams of the city go back decades and represent a landmark of Lisbon, they are still used as daily means of transport by the Lisbon people. In the evening, we take a sundowner and some Portuguese Tapas on the roof terrace of the Hotel “Memmo Alfama” with a stunning view over parts of Lisbon and the Tejo river.

6 weeks “on the road” take effect

Jan needs a haircut! “Facto Hair” is a really stylish hair saloon in the district Bairro Alto and the stylist André gives Jan a cut that fits to his already imposing moustache. We get some tips to take a short ferry-ride across the river Tejo to have some authentic fish-dishes in the city quarter “Cacilhas”.

In the early evening, we go after Fabio’s invitation and watch the Portugal vs. Island game in the small streets of Alfama with his friends and family. The game ends 1:1 and on the way home, we take a final drink at the bar “Ao Pé da Sé” in Alfama – on the men’s toilette, you will feel like Superman (see photo). As with many people in Lisbon, we have a nice conversation with the bartender Duarte – also a surfer, so we arrange to meet for surfing around his hometown Cascais, our next destination.

After exploring Lisbon the next day, we have a drink on the roof terrace of the “Bairro Alto Hotel” – a chilled Gin & Tonic and a view over the roofs of the city while the sun sets in the distance, is just the perfect way to end the day and our stay in Lisbon.

Here some additional tips for restaurants in Lisbon:

  • Manteigaria – Fabrica de Pastéis de Nata: the famous Pastéis de Nata are just the best and are served still warm (!) if you enjoy them in the shop
  • Cervejaria O Zapata: a small authentic restaurant with great Portuguese cuisine, served with fluorescent lights, TV and Portuguese tiles on the wall
  • Jardim da Cerejas: Indian restaurant with tasty vegan dishes – all you can eat lunch menu for unbeatable EUR 7,50 per person
  • Cervejaria Ramiro: great for all seafood lovers – this place serves seafood in the finest quality. You should consider reserving a table if you don’t want to wait in long lines for lunch or dinner
  • Espumantaria: a small selection with fresh Mediterranean dishes. And a small bar at the entrance to have an aperitif or drinks after dinner
  • Time Out Mercado da Ribeira: Old market hall with a large variety of food in all directions and some restaurants to have lunch or dinner
  • Ao Pé da Sé: A small cozy restaurant and bar in Alfama that serves great cocktails – you will find Superman in the men’s toilette

→ Check out our next stop: Cascais

→ Check out our next stop: Cascais

Barcelona | Spain


→ Art, culture, history, design, architecture, restaurants, bars, clubs… Barcelona has something to offer for any type of visitor.

We arrive in the evening and stay at the boutique hotel “H10 Cubik” – a pretty new and very stylish hotel in central location. The roof terrace with a pool, is the perfect place to relax in quiet atmosphere, as opposed to the vibrant city right outside the hotel – the view over Barcelona is amazing.

The next morning, we walk through the old-town of our favorite district “El Born”. There are numerous boutiques, galleries, cafés, restaurants and bars in the very old and small alleys and streets – a perfect place for a shopping-spree. I meet Sonia, the owner of the small boutique “Conpasion” and I find out that she loves surfing as much as we do. The chemistry between us is perfect and we spend a lot of time speaking about the Spanish way of living, the background of the Catalan independency-move and, of course, surfing.

We meet our local friend David in the evening for a drink and dinner in the city district “Gracia”, which is a bit less touristy with many bars and restaurants – a perfect place to go out in the evening. After a few drinks at the cocktail bar “Dos Rombos”, we have dinner that the restaurant “Taverna El Glop”, where they serve great traditional Catalan cuisine – this is where the locals go.

Sightseeing is mandatory

The next day we do some classic sightseeing including the hotspots “Sagrada Famila” and “Parque Güell”. Unfortunately, groups of tourists and long lines are inevitable, but the stunning buildings and architecture by Gaudi compensate for the exhausting tourist-program. In the evening, we get some real authentic tapas in the tapas bar “El Xampanyet” in El Born. We end the day with a drink on the roof terrace of our hotel.

After some exciting and inspiring days in Barcelona, we need a souvenir as a memory of an amazing time in a great city. Before we continue our travels, we have another walk through El Born and find the small gallery “Generos de Punta”. The artist Gaston Liberto is originally from Argentina, but has been living and working in Barcelona for many years now. His illustrations are inspired by the people and life in Barcelona and we find the perfect souvenir.

→ Check out our next stop: Andalusia

→ Check out our next stop: Andalusia