ZURICH | Switzerland


→ Our first stop takes us to Zurich, Switzerland. On a sunny day and mild temperatures around 25 degrees, we decide to enjoy the Swiss “Gemütlichkeit” (coziness) and enjoy some days to relax at the beautiful Lake Zurich. We start the day to meet some friends for a long and tasty breakfast and several cups of coffee at “Mühle Tiefenbrunn” and continue straight to lunch at “Fischers Fritz” right on the other side of the lake with breathtaking views over the water and surrounding Alps with snow-covered peaks. You need to try out: Fried “Eglis” (fish) fresh from the Lake Zurich and french fries with truffles.

We end the day on the “Zürichberg” (Zurich hill) and take a sundowner on the terraces of “Bar 21” with a beautiful view over the city, the lake and the Alps in the background. Relaxing and watching the sun set, Jan gets inspired by the cool bartender and his beard to grow his own. Let’s see how far he gets toward the end of our journey…

The next day we take a gondola up to the “Rigi-Alm“, a small mountain next to the Lake of Zug – already the ride alone is astonishing even if it’s not the cheapest experience. We take a moment to hike around the mountain and then have coffee and cake with a 360° view of various mountain peaks in the distance, the lake of Zug and the “Vierwaldstättersee” also known as the lake of Lucerne. Although it is tempting to go on hiking in the stunning scenery, we decide to save some energy for the next day when we meet our friend Oli for wakeboarding and wakesurfing on the Lake of Zurich. Despite being in the middle of the alps, it suddenly seems we are on a boat in turquoise tropical waters – apart from the water temperature! While doing water sports and riding on the lake, we see a number of peers alike on sport boats, swimmers, people on stand-up paddle boards and sailing boats cruising along the shores. After doing some activity, we all get hungry and decide to have lunch at the harbor of the small lake-town “Rapperswill” that offers a number of restaurants, cafes and places for snacks and ice cream right by the harbor. At the end of the 3 days, we ask ourselves, why would you go on holiday when you have all of this in front of your doorstep!?

→ Check out our next stop: Uzès – Provence

→ Check out our next stop: Uzès – Provence