Just missed it

But we are very proud to have reached 94% of our Kickstarter target…a close call! Nevertheless, our campaign was successful in other ways and it was our first step toward the market.

First of all, a big thank you to the great supporters and true friends that have supported us on Kickstarter. 🙏🏼 YOU ARE AWESOME and we really value your participation! 💪🏼 😘

Here some key facts to our Kickstarter:

  • Run time: 30 days
  • 1,565 campaign site visits from 79 countries
  • 94% of €5,000 reached
  • 38 total backers
  • 3 super generous backers for the €499 Guru package
  • 3 backers for €199 Hero package
  • 10 backers for the €150 Hero Early Bird package…sold out early, so we guess that everyone wants to join the RELEASE PARTY!
  • 9 backers for the €50 Buddy package
  • 7 backers for the €25 Believer package
  • 4 backers for the €9 Fan Plus package
  • 2 backers for the €1 Fan package

And, we also received so many great comments throughout the campaign. Here are some of them:

In any case, our Kickstarter campaign was a success: one of the largest German TV channels invited us to be on one of their shows, we were chosen to be showcased at Crowdfunding Berlin and some investors approached us and showed interest to invest in our startup. 🚀✨😃

Feels good to know that there is support from people out there who believe in you and your idea! That really keeps us kicking and gives us a big smile ever day! 😃😁

STAY TUNED! Our 2B LOCAL app is coming soon. We will keep moving forward and exciting updates will be posted!