We are Kickstarting!

We are crowdfunding on KICKSTARTER!

It’s been a long but also very exciting road so far. We are in the last steps to finish our unique 2B LOCAL iOS app so everyone who is looking for deeper level experiences during their journeys can enjoy using it. The first version is near completion and we are crowdfunding on KICKSTARTER to help us bring our app to the market. The funds we receive will go into the last steps before release, possible additional features, iterations and associated costs, depending on which level of funding we will reach with our campaign. We also have many amazing features in the pipeline for future app versions and we are looking forward to an exciting and fun startup journey in front of us.

We have spent thousands of hours on the idea development, product conception & design, user experience design and technology development and are nearly ready to hit the market. Here is a peek at our roadmap – where we came from and the road in front of us:

2B LOCAL Roadmap

In order to test our app in a real-life environment, we will have a beta-phase towards the end of September. By backing us on Kickstarter, you can get early access to the 2B LOCAL app before public launch!