We are starting up!

Yes! We are doing this…

We have been working hard on developing the idea and concept of a new and unique social travel network. We are really excited to dedicate our time to develop and launch the travel and lifestyle app 2B LOCAL in the second half of 2018. Our goal is to make traveling a true experience and give people the chance to see the world from a different perspective.

As passionate travelers, we always have the aim to explore a city and destination as authentic as possible – away from mainstream and typical tourist attractions. We love to try authentic local food and drinks, go where the locals go and discover things that cannot be found in ordinary tourist guides. We like to dive into the local life to make our trips unforgettable, filled with unique experiences. We really try to avoid being “lost as a tourist”, like ending up in tourist traps.

Usually, this leaves us with the challenge to find “real” local tips. We tend to spend numerous hours on travel websites, travel blogs, travel apps etc., but ultimately, the best and most authentic tips we get from our friends and friends-of-friends, who know about or live at the places we visit.

One day, traveling to Portugal, we came up with the solution that will help every traveler to discover local life and get insider tips that are authentic, real and trustful. The idea of 2B LOCAL was born and we are now developing a social platform that will help users to discover the world from a new and exciting perspective.

Stay tuned on exciting news and our progress bringing 2B LOCAL to life!

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