About us

NICOLE – writes text, loves healthy food with looooaads of vegetables, likes to travel all of the time, loves nature, is addicted to yoga and tries to catch every wave she can with her custom made surfboard (with enough room for improvement).

JAN – takes wonderful photos, is an adventurer, loves photography and surfing has been his big passion since 25 years. In addition to his gift of finding parking spaces at the most impossible places around the world, it is no problem for him to quickly engage into conversations with people from any nationality (even if he does not speak the language, he has his way to understand people).



Why this blog?

Well, it all started with our small Europe trip in 2016.  We urgently needed a break and decided to travel for three months with our VW California through the South of Europe. For many years, we had the desire to spend a bit longer at the most beautiful spots in Europe and, of course, to get to know the country and the people better and from a different perspective. This is how ​​our blog-theme “2B Local – Experience the Local Life” was created. We share with you the many small and big discoveries, experiences and the best local tips of our amazing journey.

We have been back home in Germany for several months, but the desire to travel, the urge to discover and the constant wanderlust is far from satisfied. We will keep traveling and blogging as much as we can. Always with the aim to explore a city and destination as authentic as possible, to discover and explore the best local tips and to share them with you. This is not always easy, but luckily, there are plenty of locals, who are enthusiastic to proudly reveal the best insider tips to their hometown.

In our new section “Local Portrait”, with a first article about our hometown Frankfurt, we ask “Locals” to speak directly. We hope that we can meet many interesting Locals that share their city from a new perspective – what is more exciting than to experience a city like a local, not like a tourist!?

Do you have questions or or exciting local tips for us and the people reading this post? Leave a comment on our blog or write us: via Email info@2b-local.com or via Facebook / Instagram.