Meet the Founders

Read about our mission and find out why we are doing this!

Nicole Kratzmann

Nicole Kratzmann


Nicole is born in Germany and has lived – apart from her home-town Frankfurt – in New York, Copenhagen and Munich. She is an expert in digital marketing, brand management, idea & concept development and user-experience design. Nicole has many years of experience in large international organizations. She was the project-lead for web development and several web re-launches. She is the idea creator of 2B LOCAL with the talent to always achieve set goals. She received several achievement awards in past jobs and certifications and has a University Diploma in Business Administration and Marketing.

Jan Hilgenstock

Jan Hilgenstock


Jan is german-born, has lived and worked in several locations around the world and has over 18 years of experience in investment management, business strategy, business development, company & brand building in large and mid-sized international companies. He has gained substantial experience in the startup scene both from an entrepreneur and investment perspective. His motto is „no problems, only solutions“. Jan studied abroad and received an honors award in entrepreneurship. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration and an International MBA.

Our Mission

``We want to make traveling a true experience and give people the chance to see the world from a different and new perspective``

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Why we are doing this?

As passionate travelers, we always have the aim to explore a city and destination as authentic as possible – away from mainstream and typical tourist attractions. We love to try authentic local food and drinks, go where the locals go and discover things that cannot be found in ordinary tourist guides. We like to dive into the local life to make our trips unforgettable, filled with unique experiences. We really try to avoid being “lost as a tourist”, like ending up in expensive and bad tourist traps.

Usually, this leaves us with the challenge to find “real” local tips and the big question „where do we get these local tips?“. We tend to spend numerous hours on travel websites, travel blogs, travel apps etc., but ultimately, the best and most authentic tips and recommendations we get from our friends and friends-of-friends, who live at the places we visit or know a great deal about them.

One day, traveling to Portugal, we had an amazing and inspirational experience with a local, who showed us his city Porto from a totally different and exciting angle. This is when the idea of 2B LOCAL was born and we came up with a solution that will help every traveler to discover local life and get insider tips that are authentic, real and trustful. We have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours creating the concept of 2B LOCAL and are now developing a social platform that will help users to discover the world from a new and exciting perspective.

We are really excited to launch our 2B LOCAL app in December 2018!

Check out our travel blog to have a peek at some of our journeys:


2B LOCAL is a brand by ROCKS & BIRDS MEDIA GmbH, founded in June 2018 by Nicole Kratzmann and Jan Hilgenstock. 2B LOCAL is a peer-to-peer social lifestyle and travel platform to deliver better experiences to its users through unique, trustful, authentic and real user-generated content and recommendations from reliable sources. 2B LOCAL is connecting Locals all over the word. The app is currently in development with market launch planned for October 2018, initially as Apple iOS app. An Android version will be released at a later stage and there are many exciting features in the pipeline for further iterations.